Douglas W. Morris

Photo of Arctic Ground Squirrel at Walker Bay, NU

Research Interests

Evolutionary ecology.

Population, community and evolutionary biology of northern vertebrates.

Eco-evolution of habitat selection.

Interactions among habitat selection, population dynamics and community structure.

Influence of scale on ecological, evolutionary and landscape processes.

Theories of species interactions and life history evolution.

Conservation ecology and biodiversity.

Some of my Professional Activities

Charter Member. The MacArthur Academy

Member. Advisory Board. Quebec Centre for Biodiversity Science.

Member. Scientific Advisory Committee. Eleventh International Congress of Mammalogy. 2013.

Group Chair. Evolution and Ecology evaluation group. NSERC. 2009-2012.

Subject Editor. Ecology and Ecological Mongraphs.

Associate Editor. Evolutionary Ecology Research.

Associate Editor. Ecoscience. 2005-2014.

Member. Editorial Board. Israel Journal of Ecology and Evolution.

Member. College of Reviewers, Canada Research Chairs Program.

President. Canadian Society for Ecology and Evolution, 2008-2009.

Vice-President. Canadian Society for Ecology and Evolution, 2006-2007.

Member. Evolution and Ecology Grant Selection Committee, NSERC, 2004-2006.

Member. Herzberg Canada Gold Medal & Brockhouse Prize Committee, NSERC, 2008.

Member. Editorial Board, Canadian Journal of Zoology, 1999-2005.

President. Canadian Society of Zoologists, 2001-2002.